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An Independent Voice

For You & Your Family

I will work for you and our shared values: a love of Wisconsin's amazing natural beauty, a desire for all children to have the best possible future, and the need for health and safety in our homes and neighborhoods.

Melissa Winker is a fourth generation Wisconsinite. Her grandfather opened a dentistry practice over 80 years ago in Oconomowoc, where Melissa and her husband, Eric Winker, a firefighter and paramedic, reside. Melissa and Eric have owned a number of residential properties and understand the realities of running a business. They are raising their five children, ages 14, 8+8 (twins), 4, and 1.  

Melissa gained a love of the outdoors from an extended family of hunters and sportsmen, fostering a respect for natural resources and a desire to ensure a healthy environment for future generations


Melissa Winker has been teaching in Wisconsin schools for over 18 years. Credentials include a Master of Science in Education (UW-Madison) and National Board Certification. Her civic engagement is energized and informed by the gifts and challenges presented by students and their families. 

The Winker for Wisconsin campaign in 2018 was endorsed by: the Wisconsin State Journal and 2018/2020 - Moms Demand Action, Clean Wisconsin Action Fund, National Association of Social Workers, Sierra Club, and others.


"Problems facing our society are complex; tackling solutions is hard work. But we are resilient people living in a prosperous time. We can do better. I will serve you with courage and commitment, and without ties to special interests or harsh platforms that disregard your freedoms and priorities."

Melissa Winker

Winker for Wisconsin - Wisconsin Senate - D13