Leadership with Integrity

My priorities are based on your needs and values. I have heard you. Invest in working families, not special interests. Handle our limited resources with utmost care. Pass budgets that reflect our concern for both personal wellbeing and the health of our community. Protect the fundamental rights and responsibilities of citizens in our democracy, such as fair access to voting.


Here are some of the top priorities facing us today:

Affordable Healthcare
We must address prescription drug costs and protect health insurance coverage for pre-existing conditions. Everyone suffers when people are sick. It’s time to join with the other 36 states, including all of our neighbors, and accept Medicaid expansion funds under the Affordable Care Act. 

Strong Businesses, Thriving Families

Improving the business climate requires more than giving tax breaks to large corporations. We are falling behind in job growth. With appropriate public investments in start-ups, expansion, worker training, and new industries, we can assure good jobs for the future. A diversified economy is the only thing that will assure a thriving middle-class.

Safety for Everyone

No one should feel that their life is at risk. It’s time we adopt sensible gun safety and mental health interventions to prevent deadly violence. Voters and public safety officials are calling on us to adopt red flag laws and universal background checks for firearm purchases. Such measures are popular, effective, and constitutional.

Education for the 21st Century

Wisconsin must regain its standing as a top tier state for public education. The current administration is working hard to repair the damage inflicted on schools over nearly a decade of disinvestment. Families are demanding relief from the burden of college loan debt. Support innovations, invest in children.

Clean Waterways
Thanks to nearly a decade of regulatory relief and lack of oversight, our local waterways are at a perilous state of contamination. But The Year of Clean Water has been declared by our Governor, and we can get serious again about our stewardship responsibilities. It takes work to protect safe drinking water and pristine rivers and lakes for outdoor enjoyment. Unchecked runoff and air pollution carry massive health risks, hurt family farmers and anglers, and lead to plummeting property values in affected communities. We will ensure accountability for local environmental concerns.​

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