Clean Water and Conservation

Our district is known for its beautiful lakes and rivers. Keeping our natural resources clean and open for recreation is essential to not only enjoying life here, but to our economy as well.

Corporate polluters shouldn't have free rein to poison our water and push family farmers out of business. Unchecked runoff and air pollution carries with it massive health risks, hurts family farmers and anglers, and leads to plummeting property values in affected communities.

Corporate polluters have for too long written their own rules to play by. Regulatory bodies have been gutted, and local control has been stripped away. I will vote to keep polluters accountable, and ensure local environmental concerns are heard and accounted for.

Health Care
Rising health care and prescription costs are a major source of stress for families. Medical bills should not be the cause of bankruptcy. We need legislation in place that prioritizes everyone's healthcare, particularly those with pre-existing conditions. I will vote to stop insurers from denying coverage for people with pre-existing conditions, to expand healthcare for all, and ensure rural hospitals have the funding they need.
Safety is a Critical Priority

Safety in our schools, churches, and gathering spaces needs to be a top priority. I will vote to enact common sense reforms like 5 day waiting periods and background checks for firearm purchases.

I come from a hunting family, and understand how hunting is engrained in family traditions in our state. As responsible hunters and responsible gun owners, it is up to us to ensure we have common sense gun laws. That's why I'm proud to have the Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate Distinction.

Honest and Ethical Government

As state representative, I will vote for investments in people, not special interests. Whether it's our healthcare, infrastructure, schools, or environment - the needs of everyday people have been ignored by those in power who prioritize corporate greed over community values.

Voters chose their representatives, not the other way around. The impact of hyper-partisan, corrupt district lines is already evident in Wisconsin. I support all efforts to establish fair voting maps, and will work to restore the electorates' faith in their representative democracy. Through frequent, common sense sharing of information and hosting opportunities to discuss local issues, we can put control back in local hands.


Historically, Wisconsin has provided some of the best educational opportunities for our children. We need to once again prioritize education in our state. As a teacher who has spent the last 17 years working at all levels of education, from kindergarten to UW-Madison, I am honored to have the support of  the Wisconsin Education Association Council.

It's time for elected officials to stand alongside the educators and support staff of our schools. As we work together to create programs that help our kids realize their best selves for the 21st century, we need strong investment in public education that restores funding to our kids, teachers, and schools.


Small communities have distinct advantages. Spending time with great neighbors at community events and close access to historic, locally owned downtown shops and restaurants are some of the primary reasons we love our community. I strongly support local businesses. 


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