Leadership with Integrity


In these challenging times, we need leaders who serve with integrity. The Wisconsin Legislature faces a number of issues of great consequence to you and your family. You deserve a Representative who will work for you, instead of special interests.  

Here are some of the priorities facing our state: 

Affordable Healthcare & Expanded Coverage
Everyone suffers when people are sick. The Legislature must act NOW to protect health insurance coverage for working families and full coverage for those with COVID-19.  What will it take for us to accept Medicaid expansion funds so that we may safely cover an additional 82,000 people and save lives? I will work for mental health funding, legislation to protect patients from unfair billing practices, and address the cost of prescription drugs.


Education for the 21st Century

Public schools are a treasured resource in our communities.  

We will repair the damage inflicted on K-12 education caused by a decade of disinvestment.  Wisconsin families value education above all else as the primary pathway to independence and security.  I will sponsor legislation to provide relief from the burden of college loan debt and support measures to fully fund our schools. Working together, we will innovate and invest in our children's future.

Strong Businesses, Thriving Families

Improving the business climate requires more than giving tax breaks to large corporations. Wisconsin is falling behind in job growth. With appropriate public investments in start-ups, expansion, worker training, and new industries, we can create good jobs for the future. A diversified economy is the only thing that will assure a thriving middle-class. 

Safety for All

No one should feel that their life is at risk. It’s time we adopt gun safety legislation and mental health interventions to prevent deadly violence. Voters want it, and public safety officials agree -- it is time to adopt laws and background checks for firearm purchases. Such measures are supported by the majority of our residents, effective, and constitutional. I will always stand up for safety for our families and neighbors.

Clean Water
Too many Wisconsin lakes and rivers are at a perilous state of contamination. Since coming into office in 2019, Gov. Evers has declared this a priority with The Year of Clean Water. Let's get serious about stewardship. Protect safe drinking water and restore our rivers and lakes for outdoor enjoyment.  Unchecked runoff and air pollution carry massive health risks, hurt family farmers and anglers, and lead to plummeting property values in affected communities. We can turn this around, if we work together.